We’ve been there... we’ll get you through it, too.

Why talk about eldercare? You get old, you get sick, you go into an institution and you die. What is there to talk about?

At ElderCareCanada, we’ve been thinking, talking and doing eldercare non-stop, and since 1999 we’ve helped hundreds of families develop eldercare solutions that enhanced the lives of seniors and their adult children.

We may work with you for a few hours – or several years – see what our clients say about us.
But whatever it is, we’ll get it done – we always do.


Even the most successful eldercare solution has a ‘best-buy’ date as life progresses and requirements change. Solutions may be obvious and simple, or complex and expensive. Who can help you identify the options, know your rights, validate your plans and get it done?

Yes, you could do it yourself, but having a coach to help strategize, navigate, communicate and facilitate will get you and your family to a better, quicker and more sustainable eldercare solution.

Our Services

Strategies for
Care and Support

Strategies for in-home Care

Community Options

retirement resident options

Legals, Banking & Paperwork

legals, banking, paperwork

Care Management & Advocacy

care management advocacy

Same Day Moving, Home Staging & Clearing



legals, banking, paperwork

“Every aspect was perfectly done – the cleaning up and sorting, packup, the move, the setup of my mother’s new room, etc. She is incredibly efficient. I would not have survived this experience without Pat (nor would my mother.)”

Ginnie Welsman

VP Audit Services, SunLife Financial

“Pat Irwin has been a godsend. Faced with trying to assess available care facilities when it became apparent that my aged parents could no longer cope with independent living, I emailed Pat early one morning. She responded within hours, saw my parents that day and had them placed in a week. My mother loved her.”

David R. Allgood

Executive Vice-President & General Counsel Royal Bank of Canada

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