Strategies for in-home Care

Strategies for Care and Support

Your parent has their ideas, and so do you. Now the in-laws and friends weigh in with their opinions. What is really best? What will it cost? How to get started?

ElderCareCanada has been answering these questions since 1999. We meet with all parties, identifying and prioritizing the real needs, sourcing subsidized, non-profit or private assistance, recommend safety features for the home, creating routines and protocols and providing hands-on care management.

Sample assignments include:

  • Replacing $600-per-day agency care, arranged as a temporary measure, with alternative arrangements with a non-profit care agency that were affordable over the long term.
  • Assessing the needs and creating care, housing and support strategies for numerous clients wishing to remain in their homes.
  • Creating alternatives to ‘we need a full-time live-in!’ reactions with a comprehensive care plan and strategy.

Real Life Story

There was a lot of knowledge – and opinions – and tension in the room. Mr. Davis was in hospital after being found in a diabetic coma by the cleaning lady. The social worker was ready to discharge him, but the family had other ideas. Read More

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Seniors and Hygiene

retirement resident options

Retirement Community Options

Retirement communities have changed since your grandmother’s day! They are not ‘facilities’ or ‘institutions’; they are vibrant communities that allow a senior their own private space, but with supports, activities and companionship as needed. Years of experience help us objectively assess needs and preferences for now and the longer term, so that one need never move again. We create a short-list of residences to view, guide the decision-making process and assist in negotiating the rental terms and agreements.

Sample assignments include:

  • Numerous placements for clients coming directly from hospital who are unable to return home and need specific assistance to return to health
  • Bringing numerous clients from living at risk in their homes, into a safe community where they have flourished with a combination of nutrition, activation, medication management and friendship
  • Ongoing monitoring and assistance to clients who have ‘aged in place’, obtaining additional services to meet their needs and they age

Real Life Story

The lawyer was expensively dressed, beautifully groomed and perfectly frantic. “My mother calls me 15 times a day. I have fulltime help for her, which she fires every week. She claims she’s fully independent and can live alone but, but the truth is she’s entirely dependent on me! She won’t agree to anything I suggest, and it’s affecting my job, and my marriage”. Read More

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legals, banking, paperwork

Legals, Banking & Paperwork

At ElderCareCanada, we have extensive experience in identifying issues and finding expert assistance with Wills and estates, appointment of Powers of Attorney and Executors, preparing advanced health care directives and banking arrangements.

Although we do not pay or receive commissions of any kind, over the years we have developed a network of trusted advisors who can provide expert advice, and we can assist families in the implementation.

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care management advocacy

Care Management & Advocacy

All too often, seniors are marginalized in our society.  They’re in hospital, or unhappy in their new home, or not getting what they have paid for and deserve. Who can get you some answers and action – especially when you’re at work all day and may live far away? What do these medical terms and protocols mean to my parent’s life, and to mine?

ElderCareCanada has been tireless in advocating for seniors, identifying, tackling and resolving issues facing seniors and affecting their quality of life.

Sample assignments include:

  • Advocacy for nursing home residents who are unable to speak
  • Revised care plans for retirement home residents returning from hospital after a stroke
  • Helping families understand and manage the move to palliative care
  • Helping families cope with their pre-grief at the ravages of progressive illness
  • Planning the funeral, and being the only mourner, for clients having no family
  • Finding suitable accommodation for an LGBTQ couple where they could feel comfortable and safe

Real Life Story

It had not been a good year for Emily Woodruff. After her husband of 60 years died in January she was lonely and increasingly confused, and in June she experienced a stroke, leaving her with right-side paralysis and limited speech. Eating was so difficult that an abdominal feeding tube was inserted. Read More

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Same Day Moving, Home Staging and Clearing

ElderCareCanada loves moving! We have done hundreds of successful downsizings and moves, and follow a detailed checklist that ensures a smooth transition:

  • Planning the space and identifying what to take
  • Packing, moving; same-day unpacking and set-up
  • Doing the paperwork
  • Smart-staging the home
  • Arranging for contents sales via a trusted third-party
  • Clearing and preparing the homes for closing the final sale

Sample assignments include:

  • Downsizing families who have lived for 50+ years in large family houses into a one-bedroom retirement home suite
  • Planning long-distance moves in Canada and the US
  • Clearing a house including packing co-ordinating and delivery to adult children across North America
  • Assisting ‘hoarders’ who are unable to focus on what items can realistically come with them

Real Life Story

Dr. Mandel retired from a thriving family practice, where his wife worked at his side as receptionist and office manager. When she developed dementia, he tried to cope at home but she was increasingly confused, missing meals, sleeping all day and wandering all night, and was brought home by the police more than once. Many of their friends had moved into a certain retirement home, which recommended me. Read More

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eldercare mediation

ElderCare Mediation

Family dynamics can be sorely tested by the responsibilities and costs of elder care, and the most amicable of siblings can clash when contributions of time, attention and money appear to be disproportionate or unappreciated.

ElderCareCanada staff have certified Mediator qualifications from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. We use a proven structured process which helps clients to focus on the goal, not the gaps; to be interest-based, not position-based.

Sample assignments include:

  • Allowing two brothers who had not spoken for 20 years meet peacefully at their dying father’s bedside.
  • Helping a brother understand and acknowledge his sister’s contribution to his parent’s wellbeing.
  • Enabling three well-meaning sisters-in-law co-ordinate, rather than resent, each other’s efforts.
  • Assisting a senior to recognize and replace an inappropriate choice of Power of Attorney.

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“Every aspect was perfectly done – the cleaning up and sorting, packup, the move, the setup of my mother’s new room, etc. She is incredibly efficient. I would not have survived this experience without Pat (nor would my mother.)”

Ginnie Welsman

VP Audit Services, SunLife Financial

“Pat Irwin has been a godsend. Faced with trying to assess available care facilities when it became apparent that my aged parents could no longer cope with independent living, I emailed Pat early one morning. She responded within hours, saw my parents that day and had them placed in a week. My mother loved her.”

David R. Allgood

Executive Vice-President & General Counsel Royal Bank of Canada

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