Having come from many years of business consulting, we use a business framework and layman’s terms – no medical jargon.

  • We act as a referral resource, strategic planner and project manager, based on the unique needs of the situation.
  • We identify care, housing and tactical options for the immediate, mid and long term in a business-case model that ‘crunches the numbers’ to ensure a sustainable result
  • We organize activities into projects that we plan, manage and implement with the client’s full or partial participation, or entirely by our staff, based on a proven methodology
  • Staffing in a ‘virtual’ manner, we retain additional resources such as home care resources, movers, lawyers, realtors and financial planners as required, so that clients are not subsidizing costly overhead
  • Since many of our clients are business professionals, many of who travel or live in other cities but whose parents are still in the home town, we act as a local point person
  • We strategically partner with various local related services such as financial planners, estate lawyers, real estate agents, community care agencies, hospitals, nursing, retirement homes and funeral homes to provide a continuum for professional services in a one-stop, seamless environment

“Every aspect was perfectly done – the cleaning up and sorting, packup, the move, the setup of my mother’s new room, etc. She is incredibly efficient. I would not have survived this experience without Pat (nor would my mother.)”

Ginnie Welsman

VP Audit Services, SunLife Financial

“Pat Irwin has been a godsend. Faced with trying to assess available care facilities when it became apparent that my aged parents could no longer cope with independent living, I emailed Pat early one morning. She responded within hours, saw my parents that day and had them placed in a week. My mother loved her.”

David R. Allgood

Executive Vice-President & General Counsel Royal Bank of Canada

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