What Our Clients Say

It’s stressful and scary to watch your parents become vulnerable and in
need of help. Obviously we want the best for them, but it’s hard to
determine what “the best” is, especially when the parent(s) and children
don’t all see things the same way. So it was reassuring to be coached by an
objective, compassionate outsider who’s handled similar – and much worse –
situations many, many times. Pat helped all of us by level-setting our
expectations, analyzing the pros and cons of different alternatives, and
acting as mediator. She came up with creative solutions that were tailored
to our father’s needs and values and that we could all be comfortable with

Leigh Davidson, IBM Executive

Pat Irwin has been a godsend. Faced with trying to assess available care facilities when it became apparent that my aged parents could no longer cope with independent living, I emailed Pat early one morning. She responded within hours, saw my parents that day and had them placed in a week. My mother loved her. She knows the elder care system and provides great advice and help and a variety of service from placement to storage of excess furniture to procuring needed medical appliances. She has continued to assist me and my sister (who is overseas) as changes have been required as my parents conditions changed. I frankly don’t know how I would have managed over the past two years without her help.

David R. Allgood Executive Vice-President & General Counsel Royal Bank of Canada

Pat Irwin provided her outstanding leadership, expertise, advice, compassion and experience in helping me, and my 81 year old mother, to deal with my mother’s re-location from her own house to a Retirement Home. Pat is totally “client focused” – she has the experience and intuition to completely understand (and predict) her clients needs and to be able to provide advice and solutions. Many of these issues are quite challenging emotionally – both for parent and “child” – and she is able to professionally and practically guide her clients through these complex issues to an effective resolution. She intuitively “understands” how to approach these kinds of difficult issues. Pat can handle everything for you – and I mean “everything”. Relocation of a parent involves an enormous amount of work and a million details – from going through all the stuff in the current house and disposing of it to the appropriate place, dealing with the parents emotion around this whole issue, getting the house ready to be sold, and transitioning the parent safely and happily to the new home, getting all the details of the new home set up, on and on it goes. Pat ensures that every detail is attended to – quickly, perfectly and as stress free for her clients as it is possible to achieve. Every aspect was perfectly done – the cleaning up and sorting, packup, the move, the setup of my mother’s new room, etc. She is incredibly efficient. I would not have survived this experience without Pat (nor would my mother.) I am a single professional working woman and am now an only child having to deal with my mother’s issues. I did not have the time or expertise – and Pat took all the worry away for both my mum and me. We relied on her totally and wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her. My mother still says ….”…that girl can do anything!”

Ginnie Welsman, VP Audit Services, SunLife Financial

Dear Pat:

I am pleased to hear that you have an opportunity to assist more clients. I heartily recommend you and the services you offer to anyone requiring services to help their elderly relatives.

In the last three years of my father’s life, you were instrumental in helping my sister and I in many ways. When my dad moved into my home, your survey of the in-law apartment ensured that he was able to enjoy his apartment without any physical barriers, including floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, and widening doors. Recommending the stair-lift greatly improved his ability to participate in household activities and to enjoy the outdoors. It also relieved my anxiety
around his tripping or falling down the stairs.

When Dad required more assistance, you found him a retirement home. And it was truly his home; he was an involved member of that community and it helped make his last years interesting for him. We appreciated your organization around moving him into the Centre, and all the not-so-little
touches you arranged to make his accommodation warm and cheerful.

Pat, even as I write this I’m remembering all the assistance you provided during his stay. You generously took Dad to one of his medical appointments when my sister and I couldn’t because of business commitments. You assisted in the process of understanding and applying for a nursing home placement when he needed to have around-the-clock care.

Your services were well priced, and you sought out the best value in accommodations. I wish for any adult child who needs to find ways to help their elderly parents or other close relatives to have Pat Irwin at their side.

Yours truly, Helen Hegedus, Source Resource Ltd.

An Endorsement of Pat Irwin and ElderCareCanada

I am pleased to provide my endorsement of the care and personal service which Pat has provided to our family in two unique circumstances: to support the needs of my Parents over the past three years; and my elderly Aunt over the past year. In terms of my Parents, the range of services and special needs assistance which Pat so efficiently and effectively put into place, provided our family with the comfort and confidence that we could trust whatever we asked her to do. The range of needs included: special home care nursing support; screening for the purposes of selecting and then arranging relocation to two different retirement residences; actual moving and personal effects management ( including distribution to family members in different locations); provision of necessary documentation and implementation of the logistics related to securing the retirement residence placements chosen.

For my elderly Aunt the process included managing the planning and preparation of moving from a condo to a retirement residence, and the planning of the move and implementing all arrangements for move of personal belongings as well as the details of changes in telephone, mailing address, etc.

Fortunately Pat also has a network of reliable and experienced service providers who give her clients priority. For example, my Aunt needed a real estate agent to assist with the sale of her condo. Pat’s recommendation was extremely professional and helped my Aunt conclude the transaction efficiently and successfully.

Our family has also appreciated the personalized attention and care which Pat provides. Pat’s standard of service to our needs has often exceeded our expectation. She often goes beyond, to ensure that everyone feels she is not only helping the individuals whose needs are the priority, but also the other members of the family who benefit from her support.

I would be pleased to recommend Pat Irwin to anyone whose family wants to give their parents the respect and care which they believe is essential to sustain the quality of their lives.


Dr. Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin Psychologist