Webinars, On-site Seminars & EAP

It took me days to research and arrange care for Dad!
I’ll have to call in sick so I can take Mom to the doctor.
With my dad in palliative care, I can’t concentrate at work…

Workplace productivity takes a backseat when staff members are dealing with elder care issues. Human Resources departments report absenteeism and distraction; staff say that elder care is as big an issue as child care, and an emerging consideration for work-life balance.

Employers are recognizing the need and including elder care services in their Employee Assistance (EAP) programs.

ElderCareCanada has offered on-site seminars for 10 years at major banks, trusts, government department and utilities:

ElderCareCanada 101 Lunch & Learn

  • Informal on-site session for employees, including sample products, applications forms, tips and pitfalls, questions
  • Skills transfer training to HR employees providing employee support

We also provide telephone coaching for employees:

ElderCareCanada 101 Advice Line

  • A confidential action and advice service to employees with guaranteed same-day response
  • Offered nationally by leveraging the client’s regional structure – training local office staff in assessment procedures, liaising with provincial health systems, employing care and housing resources that offer national service

ElderCareCanada is often retained by Human Resources departments as an EAP service to offer elder care consultations to their employees.

Custom-designed webinars consisting of daily 2-hour modules on eldercare issues, specific to the client’s provincial practices and regulations, were developed and delivered via internet to a major provincial utility.

Pat Irwin of ElderCareCanada is a Professor of Distance Learning, has developed and teaches several courses in the Retirement Communities Management Certificate (RCMC) program and is active in promoting the RCMC as a professional designation for the industry.