Strategies for in-home Care

Mom’s doctor said she needs home care – how could I not have noticed?
My neighbor is paying $250 a day for home care – we can’t possibly do that!
The social worker sent a nurse’s aide but Dad said she was useless – what now?

Too often ‘home care’ is interpreted as 24/7 care from an expensive agency – which can cost $600 per day! An objective, professional assessment is needed to thoroughly understand the needs – are they care? support? – and frequency – all day? overnight? just a few hours a day?

  • What needs are there that I can’t objectively see? Is it dementia, or just memory loss? Can Mom be left alone at night?
  • It’s confusing, too, when a jigsaw of care arrangements are made, often by well-meaning family members, but possibly at cross purposes.
  • Who should select, train, schedule, supervise and direct the care? Who can work with parents to become confortable accepting care and support routines? Who can monitor and adjust as care needs change over time?

ElderCareCanada has a proven track record of successfully implementing care strategies in families, often when the adult children live far away. We become part of the family and work with all family members to integrate care and support plans that work for the all the generations.
Sample assignments include:

  • Replacing a $500-per-day agency care, arranged as a temporary measure, with alternative arrangements with a non-profit care agency that were affordable over the long term.
  • Assessing the needs and creating care, housing and support strategies for numerous clients wishing to remain in their homes.
  • Creating alternatives to ‘we need a full-time live-in!’ reactions with a comprehensive care plan and strategy.

Note: ElderCareCanada does not pay or receive commissions of any kind when referring to agencies, residences or other services.

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