Same Day Moving, House-Clearing and Staging

How will I ever manage in such a small space?
We have to clear our stuff from the house – Dad is moving.
I’m completely overwhelmed by sorting through 50 years of memories!
I can’t bear the thought of anyone touching Mom’s posessions.

Moving has long been identified at one of the top 4 on the stress scale, and is too often the ultimate ‘out of control’ experience. Add the need for downsizing and parting with a lifetime of possessions, and it’s a perfect storm of upset and worry, often keeping seniors in their homes long after they know hey need a safer environment.

ElderCareCanada loves moving! We have done well over 200 successful downsizing and moves, and follow a detailed checklist that ensures a smooth transition:

  • creating the floorplan and identifying favourite items to move
  • engage our preferred moving crew, Bay Bloor Movers; arranging for elevators
  • arranging for a guest suite overnight the day before the move

Packing, Moving; Same-day Unpacking and Set-up

  • packing done as close to move as possible
  • on moving day, supervising loading and unloading
  • doing all unpacking and set-up based on the floorplan
  • clearing all boxes and packing material away
  • escorting you from the guest suite to your new home, that same day

Doing the Paperwork

  • rerouting of all mail, relocation of cable TV, Internet and phone

Showing and Selling the House; Closing of the House Sale

  • work with your realtor to prepare the home for showing (‘staging’)
  • if necessary, liaise with the lawyer to handle all final readings, utility notices and other details for the house closing.

Clearing the House Before or After House Sale

  • ensuring what furniture and household goods are not needed
  • arranging in-home contents sales via The Great Estate Sale
  • delivering items to the charities of your choice
  • leaving the home in ‘broom-swept’ condition for its new owners

Note: ElderCareCanada does not pay or receive commissions of any kind when referring to agencies, residences or other services.

Sample assignments include over 200 successful moves in the past 15 years:

  • Downsizing families who have lived for 50+ years in large family houses into into a 1-bedroom retirement home suite
  • Planning long-distance moves to and from the east and west coasts of Canada from Toronto
  • Clearing a house including packing and delivering to adult children across North America
  • Assisting families to sell unwanted family items via in-home contents sales
  • Assisting ‘hoarders’ who are unable to focus on what items can realistically come with them

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