Retirement Resident Options

I called a few nursing homes – but they said I have to call the government first!
Can you believe how much that retirement home costs?!
They said there’s a waiting list but Mom’s leaving hospital and needs it now!

When choosing a retirement residence, it’s natural to be confused by the options, amenities, pricing structure and terminology. What’s provided, what’s extra; what do they need now, and if they need more in the future, will it be available? It’s always a mixture of the right location, services, price point and atmosphere – and timing. For example:

  • How to we choose the right home? Retirement or nursing home? Independent or assisted living? What’s the difference and how can I be sure Mom doesn’t have to move again?
  • What should I look for and ask about when taking a tour? Should Dad come to the first visit, or later? Should he have a trial stay first? Will going to a retirement home affect his place on the nursing-home waiting list?
  • What’s available in the way of funding or subsidies? Should we look at private or non-profit places?
  • How much will this all cost, and how long can Dad afford to stay?
  • When should we apply for a nursing home? What can we do while we’re waiting out the waiting list?

ElderCareCanada staff is familiar with virtually all retirement homes and long-term care homes the Greater Toronto Area, as well as most others ranging from Hamilton to Kingston and north to Barrie. This knowledge allows us to objectively assess of your needs and preferences, quickly create a short-list of residences to view, coach you on the decision-making process and assist in negotiating the rental terms and agreements.

Sample assignments include:

  • Numerous placements for clients coming directly from hospital who are unable to return home and need specific assistance to return to health
  • Over 200 successful placements in retirement homes in the GTA over the past 15 years
  • Ongoing monitoring and assistance to clients who have ‘aged in place’, obtaining additional services to meet their needs and they age.

Note: ElderCareCanada does not pay or receive commissions of any kind when referring to agencies, residences or other services.

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