Legals, Banking and Paperwork

Mom’s bills aren’t getting paid but I’m not authorized to help
Dad refuses to discuss his Will or health wishes with me
I am 82 with no relatives – what will happen to me if I need help?
I’m Mom’s Power of Attorney so I’m in charge of the Will, too, right?

Many’s the time I’ve been told, ‘I’m only leaving here feet-first in a pine box!’ And I always reply, ‘That’s great, but plans are going to be made, and if you want some say in your future, you might want to get involved.’

No one wants to contemplate aging, illness or death, but practical plans have to made and affairs put in order. Most adult children thing they know their parents’ circumstances and preferences, until I ask them things like:

  • Would you be able to manage your parent’s bills and business affairs if they were unable to?
  • Do you know your parents’ doctor, lawyer, banker, accountant, financial advisor? Do they know you?
  • Do your parents have a Will? Where is it located?
  • Who would act for your parents if they were incapacitated? Have they assigned a ‘power of attorney’? Who is that person or persons?
  • If one parent died, could the survivor continue to write cheques and pay bills?
  • Is the executor of their Will the other spouse? Is it a person who is their same age?
  • Do you know what care measures your parents would want if they were incapacitated by a catastrophe such as a stroke or progressive illness?

At ElderCareCanada, we have extensive experience in identifying issues and finding expert assistance with, Wills and estates, appointing Power of Attorney and Executors, preparing
advanced health care directives and banking arrangements.

Although we do not pay or receive commissions of any kind, over the years we have developed a network of trusted advisors who can provide expert advice, and we can assist families in the implementation.

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