Getting Started

How can I broach the subject with Mom & Dad?
What help is out there – and is it free?
I live out of town – who can help me locally?

It’s a difficult conversation that everyone dreads – telling Mom and Dad they need help; finding it; and convincing them to accept it. It’s all especially difficult when adult children now live out of town and parents are alone and vulnerable.

ElderCareCanada’s 15 years of experience in helping adult children and their families brings objective, practical assistance to this issue. We work with you to develop a strategy that supports both parents and adult children through the eldercare process:

  • what are the options for housing and care?
  • what services are free or subsidized?
  • what agencies can I trust and what is a reasonable rate?
  • how can we navigate the health care system?
  • who can help if there’s a crisis?
  • how can we anticipate and address future health issues?

Sample assignments include:

  • Helping an eminent US psychiatrist, known for her work in geriatrics, find the courage to suggest changes to her mother’s routine
  • Identifying an array of free and subsidized care for a lady whose only family lived in the UK.
  • Researching and short-listing care options for a dementia client living alone but in daily Skype contact with his family in Germany.

Note: ElderCareCanada does not pay or receive commissions of any kind when referring to agencies, residences or other services.

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