Eldercare Mediation

Why are we spending our inheritance on such expensive care?
I don’t trust my sibling to be Power of Attorney!
No one asked you to look after Mum, so why are you complaining?

Family dynamics can be sorely tested by the responsibilities and costs of elder care, and the most amicable of siblings can clash when contributions of time, attention and money appear to be disproportionate or unappreciated.

ElderCareCanada staff have certified Mediator qualifications. We use a proven structured process which helps clients to focus on the goal, not the gaps; to be interest-based, not position-based.

Sample assignments include:

  • Allowing two brothers who had not spoken for 20 years meet peacefully at their father’s bedside.
  • Helping a brother understand and acknowledge his sister’s contribution to his parent’s wellbeing.
  • Enabling three well-meaning sisters-in-law co-ordinate, rather than resent, each other’s efforts.
  • Assisting a senior to recognize and replace an inappropriate choice of Power of Attorney.

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