Care Management and Advocacy

The hospital is talking about palliative care – what does that mean?
I can’t get an answer about what’s next for Mum and I need to make plans!
The Home is saying that Grandma is withdrawn, and not eating…

There are few things as upsetting as having someone you love in trouble. They’re in hospital, or unhappy in their new home, or not getting what they have paid for and deserve. Who can get you some answers and action – especially when you’re at work all day and may lives across the country? What do these medical terms and protocols mean to my parent’s life, and to mine?

Sample assignments include:

  • Advocacy for nursing home residents who are unable to speak
  • Revised care plans for retirement home residents returning from hospital after a stroke
  • Helping families understand and manage the move to palliative care
  • Helping families cope with their pre-grief at the ravages of progressive illness
  • Enhancing the experience for the client and the family throughout the ‘long goodbye’ of dementia
  • Planning the funeral, and being the only mourner, for clients having no family

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