Selection & Placement


The lawyer was expensively dressed, beautifully groomed and perfectly frantic. “My mother calls me 15 times a day. I have fulltime help for her, which she fires every week. She claims she’s fully independent and can live alone but, but the truth is she’s entirely dependent on me! She won’t agree to anything I suggest, and it’s affecting my job, and my marriage”.

I gathered the essential information about the mother, and the daughter’s wish-list, the budget, general amenities and geographical preferences. I then met with Mrs. Klein, who truly believed she could cope alone. We discussed her caregiving experiences; she felt crowded and managed with a live-in and admitted she was lonely and bored with the same person all day and evening. We talked about retirement residences, but she was afraid of an ‘institution, with all its rules, locked doors and huge mess halls.’ I asked her what was most important to her; she responded with access to the symphony, her bridge club and her daughter.

I made a short-list of 4 retirement homes enroute to her daughter’s daily commute, within an easy cab ride to the entertainment district, the facilities for her bridge club to meet; each was pre-qualified to be sure space was available and the price was affordable, and lunch was booked at each place. Mrs. Klein was amazed at the hotel-like amenities, agreed to a week-long trial stay before making a commitment, and eventually made the permanent move. Now, when her daughter calls, Mrs. Klein’s too busy to talk!


All ElderCareCanada services are billed at an hourly rate, on a fee-for-service basis.

In this case the family paid for 3 hours of meetings, 1 hour of research, 8 hours for sorting and packing, 10 hours for moving, unpacking and set-up at $75/hour moving rate, as well as 5 hours for the movers at $95/hour for 3 movers. The retirement home was offering a move-in special, so that since Mrs. Klein moved in within 30 days, $500 was awarded to defray the moving costs.

No contingency or retainer fees are charged, and ElderCareCanada does not pay or accept commissions, contingency fees, kick-backs or gratuities of any kind. Clients are encouraged to check their employee benefits package, as these services may be covered under their Employee Assistance Plan.


“When Dad required more assistance, you found him a retirement home. And it was truly his home; he was an involved member of that community and it helped make his last years interesting for him. We appreciated your organization around moving him into the Centre, and all the not-so-little touches you arranged to make his accommodation warm and cheerful.

Pat, even as I write this I’m remembering all the assistance you provided during his stay. You generously took Dad to one of his medical appointments when my sister and I couldn’t because of business commitments. You assisted in the process of understanding and applying for a nursing home placement when he needed to have around-the-clock care. Your services were well priced, and you sought out the best value in accommodations. I wish for any adult child who needs to find ways to help their elderly parents or other close relatives to have Pat Irwin at their

Helen Hegedus, Source Resource Ltd.